I’m currently living in Brisbane, Australia.

What am I doing now?

  • Forming part of the Readify Queensland leadership group, in a principal consulting role
  • Expanding my technical repertoire, namely experimenting with Azure Functions & AWS Lambda, Phoenix Environments in Azure via ARM + VSTS, and Managed Kubernetes services
  • Mentoring Rache / Goodo in the art of Ruby - a language I knew very little of when I started my mentoring journey with Rache, but am beginning to know a whole lot more of!
  • Empowering a talent aquisition team with a shorter path to success for promising candidates, using a combination of tech, pairing, education, and data
  • Aligning a technical interviewing process, ensuring appropriate amounts of structure and guidance exist to promote even qualification and measurement of candidates across business units, without attempting to be perscriptive
  • Lean reading a book a month