I’m currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

What am I doing now?

  • Building an entirely new team at Octopus Deploy, and creating new architecture that will help us attract diverse new people to work with us, and make delivering great new deployment experiences from Octopus simple and easy! If this sort of adventure sounds to your liking, and you’d like to join in, drop me an email!


  • Ramping up at Octopus Deploy! I’ve had a desire to work with a product organization for a while now, and Octopus is a perfect fit for me.
  • Scheming on what might be for DDD Adelaide 2020. 2019 was AMAZING and an outright success, and I want 2020 to be bigger and better.
  • Building a product in Azure, and Learning some things along the way.
  • Growing the newly-minted Telstra Purple Adelaide team - if you are an awesome developer, data-er, or designer - drop me an email!
  • Organizing a conference! I’m busily co-founding DDD Adelaide. It will be awesome. I can’t wait for conference day!
  • Building the foundational Readify Adelaide team - if you are an awesome developer, data-er, or designer - drop me an email!
  • Re-establishing my roots in the Adelaide tech community. Need a speaker for an event? Want to talk about solving problems that you and your team are currently tackling? Need someone to help represent technology within your business? I’m more than happy to buy the coffees ☕☕
  • Mentoring Karma, a journeyman developer and all around awesome human in our QLD team
  • Lean reading a book a month
  • Mentoring Rache / Goodo in the art of Ruby - a language I knew very little of when I started my mentoring journey with Rache, but am beginning to know a whole lot more of!
  • Aligning a technical interviewing process, ensuring appropriate amounts of structure and guidance exist to promote even qualification and measurement of candidates across business units, without attempting to be perscriptive
  • Preparing ideas and content for an interactive, hands-on Delivery Training course within Readify together with my colleague Mehdi Khalili to deep-dive into all of the ingredients that go into a successful agile software delivery, and to help build our future leaders
  • Expanding my technical repertoire, namely experimenting with Azure Functions & AWS Lambda, Phoenix Environments in Azure via ARM + VSTS
  • Empowering a talent aquisition team with a shorter path to success for promising candidates, using a combination of tech, pairing, education, and data